Around the city, the city massage phone全縣市外約按摩電話

Posted on   2018-08-06

Do not apply pressure to the spine and back bones. The focus is on the muscles on both sides of the spine. Kneeling behind the person being massaged to get a deeper massage, place the root of your hand on the opposite side of the lower back muscle while your finger points away from the side of the body. Put the other hand on your first hand and press the muscles. Knock the muscles in this way for a few minutes, then switch to the other side.

Massage arms and legs. Use your hands to form a circle around your upper arm. Rub the muscles on your arms with your palms and fingers until you reach your wrist. The other arm repeats the same movement, then massages the leg, starting from the thigh muscles until the ankles. Taipei Outer Massage

Massage hands and feet. Turn the body of the person being massaged so that his or her face and torso face you. Massage your hands with your thumb and forefinger, paying attention to the muscles with your palm, thumb or each finger. Massage the foot in the same way, making sure not to press the bone too hard. Outside massage phone

A gentle, even tapping of the foot. Don't tickle someone because it will break his or her slack state.
Stretch your hands and feet back and forth as you massage to stretch your muscles.

Face and head as the end of the massage. Kneeling behind the person you are massaging, use your fingers to massage his/her temples. Gently rub the forehead and sinus area. Put your finger on the scalp and massage with the way you wash your hair.