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Posted on   2018-08-06

Learn to tap massage. The most common type is a Swedish massage that uses four different types of tapping massage to relax and treat muscles. Body massage uses the following four techniques:

Pressing is a gentle massage method that relaxes muscle soft tissue. Your hand should easily slide down the surface of the body.
Kneading involves squeezing and turning the muscles between your hands, which is useful for relaxing muscle tone.
The friction method can give deep motion to the body through smooth pressure, causing friction and stimulation cycles between tissue and tissue.
The squatting method is a tapping of the side or root of the hand. Recommended for outside massage

You need to focus on the muscles, not the bones. When you massage, the key is to use your hands to massage the neck, shoulders, back, arms and muscles of the legs and feet. Position the soft, fleshy muscles with a gentle touch and massage them by hand. Do not put pressure on the bones, especially the spine and caudal vertebrae. If you are not sure that a part is made up of muscles or bones, you can massage it gently, gently, and then proceed to another part.

Apply pressure, but not too much. Massage your muscles with the roots of your fingers, palms and hands. Use stable pressure to promote blood circulation and relax muscles. But don't push your body's muscles down with your body weight. If you press too hard, it may cause pain or even injury. Outside massage phone