Taipei’s out-of-town massage to the hotel台北外約按摩到府飯店都可約

Posted on   2018-08-06

For your massage soothing service, the delicate beauty therapist will be waiting for you online 24 hours a day, without any complicated registration steps or downloading the program, make an appointment, and immediately set off to give you the best experience of booking an outside massage.

Xinbei Xindian Hotel massage has no temporary cancellation mechanism! Please forgive me here! As time is quite urgent. For example: there are important meetings to follow or there may be unexpected situations. Or it is highly likely that you will be able to recruit your company temporarily after a busy day. In order to give you a better service quality, if you have the above situation! We recommend that you do not make an appointment first. We sincerely look forward to your next time you have more time to serve you. Taipei Outer Massage

Currently only supports cash payment, no transfer, purchase points, credit card, and other charging methods! When the pressure reliever arrives, he will charge you first. The pressure reliever can't accompany you to the cash machine after the service is completed, or wait for you to withdraw money in the restaurant! If you have any inconvenience, please forgive me! The basic services are: full-body positive and negative oil pressure massage, other parts need to be strengthened or need to be gentler, please communicate with the pressure reliever in person. Hsinchu Outer Massage

The Taipei area is centered on the Taipei Railway Station. It is within a distance of seven kilometers and the road conditions are normal. If there is no traffic jam, it will arrive at your designated location within 30 minutes. The New Taipei City area is centered on the MRT Toqozhuang Station. Seven kilometers away, in normal traffic conditions, if you are not in traffic, you will arrive at your designated location within 30 minutes. You are also welcome to call the appointment time first so that the comforter can arrive at the time you specify.

為您提供按摩舒緩服務, 手法細膩的美療師全天候在線等您邀約, 無繁瑣註冊步驟或需下載程式, 立即預約, 即刻出發, 給您預訂外約按摩的最佳體驗。

新北 新店 酒店按摩目前尚未有臨時取消的相關機制!在此請您見諒!如時間上相當緊迫.例如:後續有重要會議進行或可能會有突發狀況.或者今日工作繁忙臨時招回公司的可能性大,為了讓您有更好的服務品質,所以如有上述之相關情形!在此建議您先不要預約,我們真誠期待下次您有更充裕的時間,再好好的為您服務。台北外約按摩